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Leitz Focomat Enlarger

Vintage Leica Leitz Wetzlar Focomat 1C Photo Enlarger + 50mm Focotar f/4.5 lens


Leica Leitz Wetzlar Focomat Enlarger Working


Leitz Focomat V35 Autofocus Enlarger w/40mm f/2.8 Focotar PICKUP Norfolk AREA


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger Indicator with Lamp and Mounting Hardware


Leitz FOCOMAT I 1 35mm AUTO FOCUS 5cm 1:35 Lens Photo Enlarger Fast Shipping


Vintage Leitz Focomat Ic Photo Enlarger


Vintage Leica Leitz Focomat 1C Autofocus Enlarger w/Elmar 5cm f/3.5 Lens


Leitz Wetzlar Germany Focomat Ic Enlarger Pick Up Only focotar 1:4.5/50 Lens


Leica Leitz Focomat V 35 Autofocus Enlarger NO BASE BOARD


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger w/Ilford 500 HLZ VCCE Multigrade Head


Great Condition Leitz Wetzlar Focomat I Photo Enlarger


*SUPER RARE* Leica Leitz Focomat 1c Autofocus Enlarger w/ Focotar 5cm f/4.5 Lens


Rare NOS - Leitz Leica Focomat Ic Etc. Enlarger Red Safety Filter


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger Underneath Clamping lever Complete Assembly Hardware


Leitz Color Module for a Focomat V35 Darkroom Enlarger PH30


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger Feet Set


Leitz FOCOMAT 35mm AUTO FOCUS. 1:4.5 /50 Lens Photo Enlarger Germany Tested




Leitz Focomat IC Gray Enlarger Part: Parallelogram Chassis + head assembly ---GG


Leitz Focomat IIc Enlarger Part – Black Color Column see photos –MM


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger Lens Holder and Mounting Hardware


Leitz Focomat IC Gray Enlarger Part: Parallelogram Chassis+ parts ---MM


LEITZ FOCOMAT Enlarger IIC Black Part Lowers Half of Lamp House-M3


Leitz Focomat IC Gray Part – Enlarger Indicator without Lamp House /Yt --- M16


Baseboard for Leitz Focomat IIC Enlarger


Vintage E Leitz Wetzlar Focomat 1c Autofocus Enlarger w/ 50mm f/2.8 Lens Working


Leitz Focomat Part – Enlarger Wrenches 13mm Original Equipment ---- M22


Leitz Focomat IIC Part – Brown Baseboard IIC Enlarger --MM


LEITZ FOCOMAT IC Red Safety Enlarger Filter --Yt ----- M16


Leitz Focomat IC Enlarger Part – Gray Color 1.20m Column see photos –MM


LEITZ FOCOMAT IIC part -- Condenser for enlarger IIC / clean Optic---M21