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Centerville Iowa


Centerville Iowa~High School~1910 Postcard


A View of the Centerville National Bank, Centerville IA


Centerville, Iowa-Bradley Residence-House-Architecture RPPC Real Photo Postcard


RPPC Centerville Iowa Visit World's Largest City Square Free Shipping Lot v


Centerville Iowa~Church on Main Street~North of Courthouse Square 1912


Real Photo Postcard Country Club, Centerville, Iowa


Iowa?~"Edith"-Lady with Buns- in Back Yard~Sent to Centerville~c1910 RPPC


World's Largest City Square, Centerville, Iowa RPPC


Centerville IA Iowa (Appanoose Co) RPPC real photo, post office, see people?


Centerville Iowa~Appanoose County Courthouse~Monument in Front~1950s Cars~RPPC


Post Office Building CENTERVILLE IOWA IA PM 1915 Vitnage Postcard


Centerville Iowa~Central Church of Christ~1947 Real Photo Postcards~RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Big Homes on South Main Street~1920s Postcard


Centerville Iowa~Door Open to High School~Stone Foundation c1907


Centerville Iowa~High School on Dirt Road~Long Hedges~1960s Real Photo~RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Methodist Church Corner View & Main Street~1940s RPPC Postcard


Centerville Iowa~Senior High School~Close Up~1947 Real Photo Postcard~RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital~NICE 1950s Cars~Real Photo Postcard


Centerville Iowa~Central School~Classic Car Parked~1940s RPPC Postcard


Centerville Iowa~Methodist Episcopal Church~1909 Postcard


Centerville IA NICE 1950s Cars Courthouse Square~Farmer's Exchange c1950 RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Country Club & Grounds~Real Photo Postcard~RPPC c1946


Centerville Iowa~Country Club Bldg/Grounds~Large Porch w Greek Columns~1939 RPPC


Appanoose County Court House, Centerville, Iowa ca.1930


Centerville IA Square Window~Bell Tower Dormer~High School Door Open c1909 RPPC


CENTERVILLE IA – P. E. O. Fountain


Appanoose County Court House, Centerville, Iowa 1929


Centerville Iowa~Appanoose County Court House~Firestone~Super Valu~1941 RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Appanoose County Court House~Soldiers Civil War Monument~RPPC


Centerville Iowa~Drake Public Library~Blue Sky Postcard 1928


Centerville Iowa~Drake Public Library~1950s Real Photo Postcard~RPPC


Vintage Centerville, Iowa in 1904 Postcard


1993 Centerville,IA Appanoose County Courthouse Iowa Chrome Postcard


Country Club, Centerville, Iowa


Centerville Iowa~Golden Age Manor Nursing Home~Postcard RPPC c1950


Centerville Iowa~First Baptist Church & Street View~1913 Sepia Postcard


Centerville IA~Howard Junior High School 1950s-1960s RPPC


Centerville Iowa Postcard "Good Luck" Multi-View Library Court House Church 1909


Centerville Iowa~Howar Junior High School~Postcard RPPC 1966


Pre-1920 rppc NICE VIEW Moulton - Near Bloomfield & Centerville Iowa IA i8153