Here are some photos of opening day at the Battle Ground Skatepark in Washington. A very positive opening day with hundreds of curious locals and plenty of great skating. You can see higher resolution versions of these pics on my Flickr account.

I ran out between rainstorms and took some video of these crazy waves here in Yachats. We’re supposed to get 70 MPH gusts again tonight. Oh and speaking of Surfing – this dude went surfing with a shark at Tillamook Head.

Would Edison have made skate videos?

Stumbled upon the promo video for a new skate vid – Krooked Kronicles. This clip features the Gonz and a few other rippers on a tour for the video’s premiere at several cities, including Vancouver, Portland, SF, and New York. Interesting diary-type entry too…

Portland was amazing.  The premier was on the 16th, Bobby Worrest’s birthday.  We stayed at a hotel where the doors had chalkboard on them, so it made for some funny doors.  Tony Trujillo’s band, Bad Shit was in town.  So was Dennis Busenitz and Julien Stranger.  The Burnside sessions were insane.  With locals Mikey Chin, Seth McCallum and Chet Childress, shit was going off. 

Found this on the dlxsf site which is chock full o stuff. Check out their video library.

I was cruisng the Inter-Webs tonight and stumbled on this crazy clip. A bike stunt video, from 1899. Filmed by Thomas Edison and his crew of rowdy, wheeled rebels! hehe. There’s a bunch of other burlesque and sideshow type stuff to be seen as well.