“You don’t have to do tricks to have fun. Just roll around, do 50-50s, carve. That’s what I do.”
– Tony Trujillo

This time around the Wall of Gray tour bus stops in Waldport, Oregon. Lots of locals skating it up – heavy on the lip tricks and parabolic carves in The Dish.

The Old Man Lunch Brigade hits Orcas Island. Lots of PBR and goofing around, mixed with a fun session at the skate park. You can always count on OMLB for some great videos. These guys know how to have fun, on and off their borads.

Thrasher said that Lincoln City is America’s Gnarliest Skatepark. Not sure if that is still that case 6 years later… but it’s still fast, steep, and deep! I always have fun there even though I feel like I’m just skooting around the bottom of the walls. But then again…I suck. These guys don’t.

Egbert posted this vid of the Sleestock 2006 gathering in LC a few weeks back. Some great footage of the Sleestakers carvin and grindin in the new pool. Wish I coulda made it to the party. Looks like OMLB was there, too.

Pablo and I were skating in Battle Ground the other day and Jay from Rebel Skates mentioned that there is a Skatepark Slalom event/contest coming up in Aumsville. It’s on June 1st at 7 pm. Looks like a lot of fun. We went to a similar event in West Linn last year and had a blast. Lots of old guys and grommets cheering each other on.

Spike Jonze, Ty Evans and other visual rippers pair up with the Chocolate Skateboards team for a 2-van road tour. A mellow movie with great skating and an appreciation for the joys of skateboarding. Several cool scenes really stand out from the crowd – flaming boards, a crowd of skaters bombing down a city street, poetic lines of skater-clones, and the Magic Board form the Yeah, Right! video even makes an apperance.

Clear your calendars on August 10-12th – there’s gonna be some serious concrete action! The 2007 Oregon Trifecta will be rolling through the Northwest hitting Lincoln City, Pier Park, and Battleground. Cool that they are stopping at two of the newest NW parks.

Check out this Quicktime clip from last year’s tour. S-I-C-K.

I love concrete skate parks. I love ’em so much I moved to Oregon – and that was before I even started skating! I used to be obsessed with taking pictures of the parks – then I bought a video camera. 🙂 Now I shoot and edit skate video with the help of the rest of the Wall of Gray crew. I’m always working on a new video or two, so check back later and see what’s new…

Paul sent me this link: They are building another bowl in Lincoln City.

I drove up there this morning and got lucky, sort of. I got to see them working on the new pool – but Red didn’t want me filming for some reason.
I was all set up and rolling, getting some good footage and all of a sudden he was yelling at me to stop. Guess he didn’t feel like being on camera. /shrug Maybe if I looked more like one of the 6 or 8 punk skaters hanging around watching…?

They were right in the middle of spraying concrete so there was no time to try and explain myself. I just packed up and went to skate Waldport.

The bowl looked pretty sweet, tho. Kind of like the Mickey Mouse bowl in Brookings, but with a set of stairs in one of the ‘ears’. It is right next to the street side of the Cradle.