Paul sent me this link: They are building another bowl in Lincoln City.

I drove up there this morning and got lucky, sort of. I got to see them working on the new pool – but Red didn’t want me filming for some reason.
I was all set up and rolling, getting some good footage and all of a sudden he was yelling at me to stop. Guess he didn’t feel like being on camera. /shrug Maybe if I looked more like one of the 6 or 8 punk skaters hanging around watching…?

They were right in the middle of spraying concrete so there was no time to try and explain myself. I just packed up and went to skate Waldport.

The bowl looked pretty sweet, tho. Kind of like the Mickey Mouse bowl in Brookings, but with a set of stairs in one of the ‘ears’. It is right next to the street side of the Cradle.

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