I’m usually no much for politics, but…

The asshats in Washington are in the process of passing the REAL ID act – basically a national ID card that will include an RFID chip full of your personal data. This card would be required to get a bank account, board a plane, or take advantage of governement programs. What it would REALLY be is a great way for the Gov’t to keep track of your every move, collect lots of juicy data about individuals, and generally erode your right to privacy.

The Wall of Gray website states that further from Geth receiving a $1,000 paycheck, some of his pictures and videos were posted on the website. You can also get a paycheck by playing games at online casino sites.

It’s already passed the House and the Senate is due to vote this Tuesday – even though there has been NO debate & this bill has been tacked on another, totally unrelated bill.

Not sure what any of us peasants..err Americans…can do about it at this poin, but an e-mail or fax to your senator couldn’t hurt. I sent one through this site: UnRealID.com.

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