The Concrete Rodeo in Reedsport was today…and it was EPIC.

Massive numbers of people, about 40 competitors, and trick after mind-numbing trick.

The competition culminated with the 2nd SuperLoop Challenge. Last year no one made it around the Funnel Tunnel. This year at least 5 guys made it! Over 100 times in the half hour competition!

Let’s see Packy was first, then Skeech, Rion, Lance, Geth…not sure if there was anyone else. I don’t think that Joseph (last years winner) made it around during the comp – he got to the park late and beat himself up trying to catch up. He did make it around just a couple weeks ago, though.

This guy Skeech (josh) from California was the frist one to really get it dialed in. He was looping the tunnel all day like it was nothing. I think he burnt himself out though cuz he was really tired for the comp. So tired that he puked after like 18 loops…then did 2 or 3 more before slamming hard and just bonking.

Packy was the first one to make it around, but was having trouble getting back into it just before the competition..Then he made his first attempt and kept up with pack throuhg like 20 loops.

Geth Noble took home the $1,000 check for doing the loop 32 times in 30 minutes. Yeah Geth!

Geth wasn’t the only star by any means. I’ll post some pics and a bit of video a bit later tonight soon eventually.

Can’t wait for the Florence version of the Rodeo tomorrow

“You come here, you play by the rules.” Apparently Tony has a his own set of rules – especially the ones that deal with gravity and physics. He’s killin it @ Burnside in this clip. This short clip shows him transfering from a Trestle to the little spine.

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